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The inspection scope of Mulebuy shopping agent service:

Inspection scopes of Mulebuy shopping agent service:

1. The inspection scope of the shopping agent service includes checking the appearance of the goods upon arrival at the Mulebuy warehouse. Professional quality inspectors will examine the color, large areas of damage, stains, size, model, and version number. However, errors such as color difference and actual size are not part of the inspection.

2. For electronic and digital products, the inspection only covers the appearance and not the completeness of accessories or power-on checks. (the quality inspectors will send the arrival picture for the user to confirm the product);

3. If you have any issues with the inspection results, you may request after-sale service.

Please note:

1.color difference, size error, use effect, etc. are not within the scope of inspection for these special commodities. Electronic digital products are considered as special commodities and quality inspectors only inspect their appearance, without conducting a power-on test.

2.If information is unverifiable, such as no obvious damage or contamination, it will be assumed that you have reached an agreement with the merchant.

3.If it is found that the goods do not meet transportation conditions upon receipt, a special mark will be made on the order to remind you to negotiate return services.